Trying to enjoy the summer as much as possible! It's almost over already again. So far my weekend is great already. Friday night it started with a romantic dinner in hotel W, yesterday we had a beach day with friends and today we go to Brunch Electronic. A perfect weekend, many nice activities included a lot of kisses. Enjoy your Sunday! 




The weekend has come! This weekend DGTL festival is here in Barcelona. I have been feeling bad the whole week. I actually don't have any energy to go party, but one more night to recover. So I will go bed early tonight and let's pray I wake up like new tomorrow. I have been ordering like crazy this week on Asos. The only thing which could make me feel better haha. I'm weak, I know it. This glasses above I also bought. The cat-eye is my favorite model at the moment. Have a great weekend baby! Kisses