Pants: H&M  //  Top: Brandy Melville  //  Bra: Na-kd  //  Jacket: Lovers&Drifters

I think it's time for some drinks tonight. If I gonna wear this I don't know yet, but it's a good option. For the people who are asking themselves, how can she go out during the week, she doesn't work? I have two different shifts. One I start at 8.30 AM and the other at 15.00 PM, that's perfect for me. So this week I start at 15.00 PM. But that doesn't take away that I didn't go out in my other shift as well. I did it one time now, I will think about twice to do it again. Like a zombie on the office, that's a longggg day I can tell you. My dad has 57 years and is still doing it, working with a few hours of sleep, I think it's in the blood. We like a little party sometimes. xxxx

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  1. "It would be a total waste if I buy something expensive and only wear it for a few times. So,after reading your article. I finally made my decision with a long velvet dress"


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