Jacket: Wrangler  //  Pants: American Apparel  //  Bag: Versace  

Good morning guys! Stephie is alive again. I got the typical hangover Sunday yesterday. I took one wine too much or maybe two. Anyway It was a good night. My friend leaves for 2,5 month to the states, so we had to take a farewell drink. Too bad she goes, but fortunately she will come back. For the rest I shopped this weekend, I found some nice things! Have a good Monday. xxxx



Glasses: Asos  //  Top: H&M

They laugh about me, Steph wtf why are you wearing a night vision glasses. Guys, I have news: I bought number 2 already. I think they are pretty cool. You see many colors in the collections at the moment, but for me I prefer the yellow/ orange color. I just finished the movie Dear John, so I am writing this post with tears in my eyes. It's so beautiful those movies, I want my John as well!! I start P.s. I love you now. Have a nice evening! xx



Oh yeah, I could put my bum in the sun again to tan it a bit! Nothing better than to have a little tan, I can wear many more colors now again. I was yesterday all day relaxing on the terrace. I don't need much to be happy. Except from the shopping thing then. They asked me: Steph if you had to choose, never drinking again or never shopping again. I didn't have to think about. NEVER DRINKING AGAIN. For the people who know me it's hard to believe, but I think I can do it. Without shopping life will be too boring. Above I wear some new pieces I bought on Friday. Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, Jacket from Wrangler and the earrings I combined from different brands. 






Pants: H&M  //  Top: Brandy Melville  //  Bra: Na-kd  //  Jacket: Lovers&Drifters

I think it's time for some drinks tonight. If I gonna wear this I don't know yet, but it's a good option. For the people who are asking themselves, how can she go out during the week, she doesn't work? I have two different shifts. One I start at 8.30 AM and the other at 15.00 PM, that's perfect for me. So this week I start at 15.00 PM. But that doesn't take away that I didn't go out in my other shift as well. I did it one time now, I will think about twice to do it again. Like a zombie on the office, that's a longggg day I can tell you. My dad has 57 years and is still doing it, working with a few hours of sleep, I think it's in the blood. We like a little party sometimes. xxxx



Pants: H&M  //  Jacket: Vintage  //  Bag: River Island  //  Glasses: Asos  //  Sneakers: Nike

Wuahhh, I feel so good! It's sunny weather, around 22 degrees in March. Yes almost the same like Dutch summer. Like you can see, I went to Girona with some friends yesterday. I love to visit places outside of Barcelona. Next time it will be Tarragona. We made a walk around the city, took some drinks and food on a terrace in the sun and at the end we checked out some stores. A perfect Saturday! I went bed early last night, so today I will enjoy the day again. I might meet up with a friend, let's see. 



It's friday again! This weekend is gonna be, tranqui like how they say it here. Tomorrow I might go to Girona. A place one hour from Barcelona. Tonight early bed. After last weekend, I'm still exhausted! Enjoy your friday night. Love, Steph



The Birthday plan: let's have some drinks on Saturday night to celebrate it for real on Nasty Monday. What happened: I was home at 7 in the morning totally drunk, all Sunday with hangover in my bed. Bad, bad girl! I couldn't help it, I swear! We started at Numero 9, after we went to another bar and I ended up in Opium. I can say, we Celebrated my birthday very good, but I don't know how I gonna do it tomorrow night again! I didn't feel like 26 today, I felt like 62. Enjoy your last hours of the weekend! Hugs