I keep on dreaming. What a shitty weather we still have. Rain, rain, rain. Baby come baacckkkk! Summer, sun, palm trees, tanned legs, I'M NOT MADE FOR THIS! I'm almost depressive already. Okay Steph, you can do this. In 3 months you can go to the beach again. At least you have beach now, don't complain. Yes, yes, it doesn't make me feel better though.  My life at the moment: work, sleep, food, a lot of food (chocolate in general) and romantic summer movies, oh yah and don't forget the Tinder thing. Watching for hours those tanned six-packs from all those oh so vain men in this city, which are all hided as well at the moment by the way. It works, until I look outside the window again. Okay let's go to the supermarket now, to get some hmmm chocolate for tonight? xx

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