It is and stays my favorite brand, Nasty Gal! Here some new favorite items I found. I always see way more nice clothes in summer than in winter. With a tan everything looks more nice as well ofcourse. Check these lovelies above. xxxx



 Shorts: Levi's  // Top: Asos  //  Necklace: semoda.nl

What a night, what an amount of wine. Above my look at the Sant Joan celebration. They celebrate every year the shortest night of the year, I say good reason to go crazy drunk at the beach haha. It was fun with my frenchie! Loveeee



Okay girls, ofcourse I don't make breakfast in this outfit, I sleep in a sexy XL tshirt, and I put my glasses on to see what I put on my plate in the morning. But isn't my kitchen not attractive? I thought it was a nice way to show my last, I promise, my last pair of Jeffrey Campbells. For the people who follow me on snapchat, the set above I bought at the end at forever 21 as well. After a shooting day yesterday, I'll spend today some time on the beach after work. xxxxxx



 Tshirt: Brandy Melville  //  Shorts: Levi's //  Boots: Hector Riccione  //  Glasses: Barcelona  //  Bag: Barcelona

One of the best things in Spain are in my opinion the commercial centres. I really love them. When the weather is not that good you go there to have a good shopping session and after a nice meal. I don't know how we did it, But i left home at 13.00 and i came back at 22.00pm, jeeeeesus. But I found great stuff and now it's time to use it with the sunny spanish days. But first I gonna work these days to earn it back. Here my shopping look! Lots of love, Steph



Dress: Zara  //  Bag: Hipitipico  //  Sneakers: Nike

Nothing better than watch the sunset. It's so beautiful and even more with a cup of white wine in my hand. I had a lovely night yesterday, just a pity I didn't spend it with the man of my dreams. Gosh, where are you?!  It would be like in the movie, oowww. Hahahah, okay enough fantasies. xxxxx






 Playsuit: Berskha  //  Bag: River Island  //  Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell  // Jewelley: Market Barcelona

I had a good day yesterday! After some beach I met with a friend to do some shopping and have a drink. Around 21.00 I went home to get a hot cup of tea with some chocolat and went bed pretty early! I slept like a baby! Above my outfit from yesterday, Those shoes from jeffrey are so damn comfortable, I can walk all day on them. These days I have to work, so when the whole world is free, I'm working. But no pasa nada! It's clouded today anyway, mwahha. Enjoy your weekend! 



 Freak! Snapchat: Stephaniebil. xx



Another hangover day! I went to the opening party of Wetdeck, Hotel W. Trust me you can dance, said Vodka. Love you too! xx



Top: Topshop  //  Shorts: Levi's  //  Jacket: Holalaibiza  //  Socks: Topshop  //  Sneakers: Nike

I went out last night to have some drinks with my Dutch babe here. We discovered a new bar around the corner where I live, niceee!
Enjoy your weekend, I have to work, blehhh. 
Lots of love, Stephanie