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Normally I am quick posting not writing too many things, but now I make an exception. I need to express myself. This was one, big, crazy week. Realising now, I am really getting older. My character would't change, my hobbies, favorite food and shopping addiction neither, but shit I am 25 now, asking myself what is making me really happy. I did a fashion show this week, amazing! But waiting all day to walk 3 minutes on a catwalk. I couldn't spend my day more usefull?  Also I saw my first boyfriend, so strange! Like there didn't change nothing, just we are older now. Like woow time flies, it really does! Anyway for now I will enjoy the Summer here in Barcelona and keeping on doing what I am doing now. After summer, I maybe gonna make some changes in my life. Maybe I'll go back to Holland or I gonna change work, and fight for a job I really would love to do. Let's see! I hope you all have an amazing weekend, above some favorite playsuits I found on Asos.com. Hugsss

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