You know those evenings, you really have the perfect plan and at the end nothing happened from the whole perfect plan. So we had on Sunday night. There is every Sunday a party at hotel W. So we were drinking at our place with all our lovely friends here. And after waiting 2 hours to come in we decided to leave at the end. Shit! But but there is always a plan B right. Yes we went to another bar, shitt full as well. Then we went to another bar to have dinner and more drinks. More drinks, Steph that was no good idea. You don't want to know how big hangover I had yesterday hè. I thought I was going to die. Anyway we also went to Pacha but I don't even remember that. Oeuff! I have to say I am enjoying life a lot here, but it is good I go to Holland for 10 days. Family time. 

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