Playsuit: Forever 21  //  Bag: Hakei  //  Jewellry: Asos  //  Shoes: Stradivarius  //  foxtail: Barcelona

Last night at CDLC. We had a nice dinner with some of my girls. We got a sushi menu, but seriously those rolls of rice, I really don't like hé! I think I am the only girl in the world hehe. The rest was delicious :). Hugs



It's Sunday! In one week we are going to Ibiza! First I gonna earn some money to spend there hehe. Here some pics from last week. Have a cozy day! xx



 Dress: H&M  //  Bag: Urban Outfitters  //  Sneakers: Nike air force 1

It's so good that you can wear whatever you want without being cold in Summer here. Combining styles and items however you want.  I went to a shopping centre with a friend and I found an amazing dress. Will show you later :). xx



Last night at Noche de San Juan! I celebrated this one time before in Málaga and I still don't understand what they are celebrating. Just all the people go to the beach, drink, dance and party with a lot of fireworks. It's better than New Years Eve, because it's Summer! We went with a big group of friends and danced all night long at a chirinquito. Lovely night! I was wearing a top of American apparel and a shorts of forever 21. I go to meet some friends now. 



Be the rock, the river can not wash away.



Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell  //  Playsuit: Barcelona  //  Bag: Marrocan  //  Arm cuff: Sukot  //  Anklets: By me

Salute! Last night's look. I had a birthday and after we went out. A good, good night! This playsuit, oeuff. You can wear it in many different ways, so nice. Gonna get some sun now. 



In Summer I'm a huge fan of anklets. I have them in every color and different style. And now I'm even making my own ones. Like you can see above. The one with the shell and stones I made by myself! If anyone is interested, let me know ;). xx



Summer ready! 
Get the glasses here & here.



I went to my bestie here yesterday to enjoy the weather. Too bad that when I was on my way the sky changed into dark blue. Anyway we enjoyed the day a lot and took some nice pics with our new sunglasses from Polette.nl which I'll show you later. xx



Back in Barcelona! Here some moods from last week. I had an amazing weekend with my guy in Holland. Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the little village I am from, I showed him all. I think Amsterdam was the best day, with the good weather we had and the party in the night. But also we went in Rotterdam to a Turkish restaurand, so nice! I really love the decoration there. On the other side, it's a pitty I had to say goodbye to my family and friends again after a good time like this. Why I just can't bring my mother! Thank god, I can be there again with a flight of 2 hours. 



Top: H&M

Ooh time is flying! I'm already for a week here and in one hour I'm guying to pick up my guy from the airport! Exited! Also I finally received the new lense of my camera, so I can make good quality pictures again. Last night I went to Rotterdam to meet a friend and tonight we'll go again! Talk to you later. xx 



Dress: Nelly.com  //  Jacket: Zara //  Slippers: Zara

Here the look from last weekend, I have to say I changed the slippers for heels later, which you can see on IG. But these slippers are my favorites for this summer! xx



Last night I went to a girl I missed a lot last months, but she is going to move to Madrid, so she is coming closer! We went out in The Hague and we laughed the balls out of our pants. Does this sentence also excist in English? hehe. Here some pics, there will follow more! I gonna do nothing else than watch movies and relax with my mother today. 



Vintage Jasmine: Nasty Gal  //  Bell botton flared:Rat & Boa //  Loving Chicago: Nasty Gal  //  Glamorous flare: Asos

I arrived Holland a few days ago and I am feeling so peacefull. The place where I born with my familie and friends with a lot of nature and silency. So good to see everyone again and also very important,the FOOD! I can't help it but sorry Spain, the Dutch supermarkets can offer many more delicious stuff. I go on with visiting people again. Above some nice cozy friends summertime inspiration. Have a good Saturday night baby! xx



You know those evenings, you really have the perfect plan and at the end nothing happened from the whole perfect plan. So we had on Sunday night. There is every Sunday a party at hotel W. So we were drinking at our place with all our lovely friends here. And after waiting 2 hours to come in we decided to leave at the end. Shit! But but there is always a plan B right. Yes we went to another bar, shitt full as well. Then we went to another bar to have dinner and more drinks. More drinks, Steph that was no good idea. You don't want to know how big hangover I had yesterday hè. I thought I was going to die. Anyway we also went to Pacha but I don't even remember that. Oeuff! I have to say I am enjoying life a lot here, but it is good I go to Holland for 10 days. Family time.