Top: Holalaibiza  //  Shorts: Brandy Melville //  Jacket: Holalaibiza //  Sneakers: Nike Air Force  //  Sunglasses: Boutique 

Sometimes shit happends, and I feel like I got a lot last weeks. First of all my lense of my camera broke because of a little stupid reason. So now I have to buy a new one and the lense is almost the same price like the whole camera. Shit! Also I got problems at work, so who can help me with a new job?! Anyway in one week I am for 10 days in Holland. With my familie and friends think about nothing. Also my guy comes so I gonna show him a piece of Dutch culture. I hope the weather will be for one time good! Yesterday I went to take some wine in the sun in the area I live, an adorable place to live. 



Hey you! Here a little update. Some pics of last days. I found some nice items again, and had some late nights as well. I am completely dead at the moment because I went to Pacha last night. Gonna sleep quick. Talk to you later! xx



Not everyone will like this trend, but I love it! Longer legs in a comfortable way. Perfect to complete your Summer look! Above some nice examples. You can find them here. I have to work now. Wish me luck! I am still dead from Monday night. This party was a little too heavy for this girl! Hugs



Free people: here   //   Afends: here   //  Missguided: here   //   Lira: here

I did some playsuit hunting today! Here in Barcelona you have in Summer every Sunday a festival called Piknic Electronic. It's sooo nice, and I am deciding my outfits already.  Above some great playsuits. It's a lovely style without the problem you always have to sit down like a elegant lady haha. xx



Shorts: Sukot  //  Top: H&M  //  Sunglasses: Wolfnoir

Like I told before, I just moved to another apartment. I discover more and more beautiful places in this area. It's the area El Borne in Barcelona, and seriously, it's amazing. Like above, this place is around the corner, beautiful isn't it? Last night I went early bed. I really, really needed it, too busy last week. Today I''ll enjoy my day at the beach I guess. Enjoy your weekend! 



I live life to the full at the moment! Shop till you drop, work, wine, party, friends, enjoy the weather, I love Barcelona! This is how liffe has to be. Also I just booked my flight to visit my family and friends in Holland in june. Happy!! Above some inspiration and outfits from last week. Have a great day! xx



Dress: Tailor Elbaz //  Heels: Zara  //  Arm cuff: Asos

How are you on this Sunday morning? I celebrated our new apartment yesterday night with some friends with a house warming. After we went to a karaoke bar. (I'll never go on stage to sing something, have a voice like a crow) But my friends were pretty good! Above my outfit from last night. This lovely dress doesn't just has lovely Summer colors, also the model fits very good. You can buy it on Semoda.nl a lovely webshop, with a lot of nice items. GET IT HERE



 Dress: H&M   //   Boots: Hector Riccione  //  Bag: Bet the store  //  Necklace: Boutique 

A good good day it was. I was enjoying the afternoon on the rooftop of a friend, so nice. I finally can wear my Hector Riccione boots again! Here my first summer look. 



Summer is here and I am so freaky happy! Dresses, bikini's, beach, tan, this is why I left freezing Holland! I am busy, but in a very good way! I promise you some outfit posts of my new stuff next days! Hugsss