Hell yeah! It's weekend :). I had already good friday night. After work I went out to a techno party! Boom boom, I still had a beep in me ears this morning. Some days ago I showed you this glasses from polette.com. Here you can see it on my face, I love it! The price/ quality ratio is very good because of the break up the chain of intermediates theory. You can order it easily online with the right strenght in case of you need it. Have a look here for the big varied collection they have! xx



Enjoy your weekend! 



Back in Barcelona! I was watching pictures the whole flight from Aruba, so before I knew I arrived already. Here some last pics from the Caribbean Island. A paradise, seriously! The weather here in Barcelona is already 10 times better than in Holland, but I still can't show my tanned legs! A good Wednesday to you all. 



I got some new items last week! I was looking already for months for the perfect iphone case and I finally found it! An Adidas one in white, perfect! Also those heels which you can buy at nelly.com. Comfortable and perfect for Spring which is coming soon I hope. And the sunglasses are from polette.com. I got this one in the right strenght so I don't need to wear my lenses when I wear it, so good! I'll show and tell you later more about it because if have to finish packing now to go back to Barcelona. xx



Back in the Netherlands! What a shame. I hateee this cold. I went out yesterday with my babies, but I had to change the skirt above into a pants! What a disappointment after a week of 30 degrees. But it doesn't take away how good night I had. After we took some wines in a bar we danced all night long in a club, lovely! I gonna dress up now to meet with another friend I didn't see for a too long time. 



 Bikini bottom: New Look  // Bikini top: Tezenis

With bikini's I always mix a lot. I have a lot of bottoms to mix with basic black tops, like here. I found this lovely bottom online but I didn't like the top. I have to pack now, because in the afternoon my plane is going back to Holland! 



Top: John Zack  //  Shorts: H&M  // Rings: Asos

Our last days have been come! Tomorrow back to the cold. Last night after dinner in the best restaurant in town, we went to some clubs. I still feel the jetlag so I wasn't 100% in the mood. I wore this metallic top I ordered at Asos. I go to get some last sunshine now! xx



 Top: Motel  //  Bikini: Calzedonia

Some pics from today! It's very breezy here, so useless to put effort on your hair. I gonna sleep soon now because tomorrow will be a long day! xx



Top: American Apparel  //  Shorts: River Island  //  Bag: Urban Outfitters  //  Watch: Olivia Burton

The beach party was so so good yesterday! Soo much fun:). Even Captain Jack Sparrow was there! Above my outfit from last night! Kisses



 Dress: Oh my love  //  Heels: Asos  //  Bag: Urban outfitters  //  Anklets: Asos

Look at this dress! I found it in sale at asos.com. I also have it in black. Last night we had dinner in a lovely restaurant. We were sitting in a big garden full of little lights. A magical place! I'll try to get some more tan today with the clouds we have now and after we go to a beachparty here. Have a good Sunday. 



 Top: Topshop  //  Skirt: Pull&Bear  //  Heels: Topshop  //  Bag: Urban Outfitters  //  Foxtail: BCN  //  Watch: Olivia Burton

People, I arrived Aruba! I am so tired, because of the difference in time, but I will go out now with my brother to discover the nightlife of Aruba haha. Above my outfit with an untanned body for tonight. xx



Red dress: Asos  //  Grey dress: For Love & Lemons  //  Blue dress: Zara

It's a trend and I love it. By myself I have already some velvet items, but above some more nice inspiration and sale items!  



High waist pants: H&M

I am in Holland again! Lovely weather here ofcourse haha, not! But it is so good to be with my family and friends again. Saturday night I had  a great party. Electronic music all night. I it! I was wearing a high waist leopard pants combined with  a crop top and done! xx



 Pull: H&M  //  Pants: H&M    

Oeuff, an empty house now! I am happy I fly to Holland on Sunday. My lovely mommy is waiting for me :). I miss her so much! After the christmas days away from home, family time now!



An early morning today! Sales start here in Barcelona and there are some items waiting for me! Okay actually the alarm wasn't ringing yet, but I couldn't sleep anymore. Too many thoughts! I had a lovely Monday night here, a kind of goodbye party for my guy. The not so nice thing about it. He is going for 3 months abroad. I'll miss him so much, but fortunately I am going to Holland and Aruba to visit my family and friends. My Christmas holidays was so good this year! I couldn't wish for a better one. Anyway I am going to wake up the sweetest now and dress up to hunt the sales! Have a good day.