Aah too bad, my friend left again. But finally some rest! We didn't stop and we had soo much fun! Now first I have to tidy up here before work. It looks like there exploded a bomb! xx



Pull: H&M  //  Skirt: Oxygene  //  Heels: Zara  //  Bag: Sascha  //  Watch: Olivia Burton

Hi there people! My friend came over from Holland, so we are gonna have a good time! Last night we got some drinks, but we took it easy because tonight we are going to have a longg heavy day. Shopping, shopping, shopping and tonight we'll go out, yeah! Above my last night's outfit. Have a good Monday! 



Top: Berskha  //  Jacket: H&M  //  Shorts: Pull& Bear  //  Sneakers: Reebok

The perfect comfy shopping outfit. I just were shopping for food today, but okay. The bomber jacket a must have for this season, so I choosed this one. It's not just warm but has a lovely fabric and beautiful color as well! 



Home is where the pants aren't, bra off, hair up and sweats on! At the moment I don't have much time to relax in that way. Work, work, work! But after the weekend I'll have all the time to enjoy. Here some instagrams before I have to work again. xx



How are you doing?! I slept delicious, so I'm ready for this new busy week! I'm working every day and at Sunday my lovely friend is coming to visit me and this lovely city ofcourse. This weekend was so so good. I didn't tell you before yet, but I've met someone here, where I have a very good time with :). We went on Saturday night to the musical Sister act. It was in Spanish but luckily I saw it already before in Holland. After we went to a lovely place to get some drinks. Perfect night! And yesterday was great as well. Above 2 gorgeous items I bought last week. Love at first sight! When I saw these boots I had to buy them. Exclusive, comfortable, elegant and to combine in many ways! And this dress, Oeuff! 



Live by the sun, love by the moon  



 Skirt: Topshop  //  Jacket: Zara  //  Dress: H&M  //  Heels: Steve Madden

Jacket: River Island  //  Dress: Forever Unique

My 2 favorite collections of this season without doubt! Balmain Paris and Emilio Pucci with their incredible designs. I looked for some similar items in the same style for you! xx



Top: H&M  //  Skirt: Berskha  //  Heels: Zara  //  Clutch: Barcelona

Yesterday it was time again for a party night! This party is called Nasty Monday. It was a great night and I can feel that now! I danced all night long! I have one hour to relax now and then work again. Above the outfit I wore. You see, I found the cowhide bag yesterday, it was the last one so lucky me! Enjoy your evening.



1. Zara     //    2. Convict   //    3. Zara     //    4. Dune    //    5. Moorea Seal

Ooh I really love the cowhide bags! I think I have at least 5 already, but I want just one more. A real cow one! Here some inspiration with some gorgeous examples. Kisses



Top & skirt: Motel  //  Heels: Topshop  //  Bag: Sascha

It's weekend baby! How are you? I'm alive again! We had a little party on Thursday night, so yesterday I was totally dead. Today the weather is great again, but I really need to shop, so I'll see what today is going to bring me. Above my night's out look. 



 You're not a drop in the ocean, you're the entire ocean in a drop.



 Dress: Sukot  //  Shoes: Zara  //  Bag: Fuengirola  

People, here my new favorite dress! The weather was adorable today. I went to the beach and my ass burnt! I am so tanned, like it's the middle of August. Oeuf, hard life. I am off these days, so I can enjoy a lot! Have a good Wednesday night and before you know it's weekend again! xx



Busy days here in Barcelona guys! My mother and aunt are here and I have to work as well, so I try to spend as much time as possible with her. Last night we went to a restaurant and a place to get some drinks. We couldn't stop talking! We said just some drinks and we won't make it very late. Oeuff, new drink, new drink, new drink. I am a little tired now at work, so tonight early bed. I'll show you later the whole outfit I was wearing. Have a cozy Sunday. Kisses



 Camel coat: Zara  //  White coat: Topshop  //  Jersey: Zara  //  Oversized jacket: Zara

Coat: H&M  //  Jersey: Zara  //  Bomber jacket: H&M  //  Fur jacket: River Island

Fall is coming. Actually I don't want to think about, but I found some incredible inspiration. New season, new collections, that's the good thing! I selected some great coats and pulls to survive the cold rainy days. For now I'll enjoy the sun, which is still shining here in Barcelona.