Platforms: TOPSHOP

A little present for myself this weekend. They are so damn comfortable! Heels and comfortable, I love it! So I'll use them a lot here. ♥   



Overall: Stradivarius  //  Croptop: Asos

I'm off to the beach baby. A whole day relaxing and tanning at the Barcelona Beach before I have to work tonight. Enjoy your weekend. 



Top: Brandy Melville //  Shorts: Brandy Melville  //  Sandals: Marypaz  //  Necklace crystal: Brandy Melville

Oeuf, last night I slept so good! Probably I needed it. Last days were pretty good, beach, party, a little shopping, living the good life. Today I went to a parc close here, I am discovering more and more here. After being lost 94 times, I finally start to understand this city haha. Hasta la vista baby! xx



Good morning people! How's life? Mine is very, very well. I like it here so much. I made the right decision to move. I have some days off, so I can enjoy the weather during the day on the beach. Love it ♥.



Hi there! How are you? I am great! The job is nice and my colleagues as well. Today I have a day off so this morning I went to the area Gràcia and shopped a little. When I came back I could enjoy the sun on my balcony, perfect! How my night is gonna look like is still a surprise, but it won't be early in bed! Above some random pics from last week. Enjoy your Saturday night! xx



Day one I enjoyed already a lot. I discovered the neighbourhood a little and went to watch the Festa Major de Gràcia. It looked so beautiful. All the streets were full of decoration made by artists. Life music, dancing and happy people, I love it! I just was so tired, I didn't sleep more than 3 hours because of the way to early flight, so last night I slept like a rose. Today I'll relax because tonight I have to start working. I am so excited! Have a nice day.  



Barcelona, here I am. Sun, sea, summer, yum! Kisses from España.



Pfhoo, completely broken! I came home this morning at 9 o'clock and at 1 pm I had to be at the dentist. Hell yeah! I gonna sleep so hard tonight. My goal is to get 10 hours of sleep! Anyway last night I had a perfect last party in Amsterdam. It was so good! Next time I am in Holland 'll go again with my babe. But first she is coming to visit me in Barcelona :).  I was wearing a dress from Nasty Gal. I just was freezing on our way but that's part of the job in Holland. I really won't miss it! 



Skirt: Hearts & Bows  //  Shirt: H&M //  Heels: The Sting  //  Bag: Madrid

I really didn't know what to wear yesterday evening, so what did I do: Black with leopard. Easy and tough! Tonight I have a party in Amsterdam, and I took already a decision what to wear. But now the weather is so bad and actually I don't want to wear high heels again, so I think I am going to have a dilemma again. Hugs 



  Overall: River Island  //  Jacket: Berskha  //  Sneakers: Converse

Above some pics from yesterday. The weather wasn't perfect, but after rain always came the sun shine. After Gent we went to Breda to have diner and drinks. I liked it so much! I am going there tonight again haha. Have a nice Saturday chicas. xx



Wruahh, I feel like Rambo today! Finally I'll go to run again after too many months haha. This bandana I bought in an accessories store in Rotterdam, don't remember the name. Tomorrow I am going to have a citytrip in Gent (Belgium). I have never been before, so I'll bring my camara. xx


 ♥ ♥ 



My new favorites are here. The winter is coming so I ordered snow white sneakers. Not just nice to combine with trousers and shorts, but also with skirts and dresses. I hope they will arrive soon so I can bring them to Barcelona. I started packing already, but man what a work. It's so hard to decide what to bring! xx



Hi there! Yesterday I went to my one and only friend at the other side of the country, it was a longgg drive. It's a pity she is living so far away, so I can't see her often. Anyway it was a lovely day! We talked 8 hours without any break haha. She showed me her new apartment, we drunk prosecco and we had diner. Today I made these coin necklaces you see above. I had already a coin anklet, so now two necklaces as well! Love it




 Kimono: Band of Gypsies  //  Top: Las Dalias  //  Shorts: H&M  //  Boots: River Island  //  Bracelet: Bijou Brigitte

Morning! I just got a big Sunday morning breakfast. I went early to bed last night, so I am going to  have an active Sunday!
Yesterday I went with my mother to Rotterdam. We took lunch in a restaurant, shopped a little and later we got some drinks on a terrace. It was perfect weather for a day like this. Above some pics we took before in a small forest close to where we parked the car. Have a cozy day♥.