Good morning! This is my new favorite top for sure! I found it in Málaga on a market at the port. I saw it after we came from the beach. Shit, didn't bring my debit card. So what did we do, we changed our plans. Instead of having dinner at the boulevard, we run home to get a shower and go back to this lovely market! How do you mean shop addict? I also bought a white dress at this market which I'll show you later. Have a nice day! Kisses



Top: Zara  //  Shorts: Pull&Bear  //  Bag: River Island  //  Sandals: Zara  //  Arm cuff: Asos  //  Sunnies: Asos

Ooh how much I would love to go back. I woke up this morning because of a big storm, raining so hard! Arghh, but I'm working on a next project. I'll tell you more about when everything is done. Above again some good memories from the south of Spain. 



 HERE             //            HERE             //             HERE         //            HERE 

Here some casual inspiration for this quiet Sunday. I gonna do totally nothing today! Have a lovely Sunday and enjoy your free time. xx



Shorts Sukot  //  T-Shirt: Zara  //  Boots: Hector Riccione  //  Bag: Here

Hi there! How are you? Above some pictures from the day we visit Benalmádena in Málaga. This was a very nice day, it was just a little bit too hot for the distance we walked, but it was worth it. Today I had again a beach day, but it will be the last one for this week because the weather is gonna change and I have to work the next days. By the way, for the next 10 orders on my webshop you can get 10% discount with this code: EARLYBIRD10. 



Dress: H&M  //  Heels: River Island  //  Bag: Sascha

Yiak, I'm back in Holland again. The flight was horrible because the air condition didn't work, means around 33 degrees in the plane! These pics are taken on saturday night before we went out in El Borne, a very nice part of Barcelona with a lot of lovely bars. Gonna tidy up all my stuff now and clean a lottttt of clothes. xx



Dress: Barcelona  //  Boots: Hector Riccione  //  Bag: HERE  //  Bracelet: Stradivarius

Buenos dias! Oooh I love Barcelona. Yesterday we went to a festival here, called Piknic electronik. It was so nice! It was a long walk, but it was awesome. It's every Sunday in Park de Montjuïc. Lovely! We just have 2 days more here. Time is going too fast! 



Top: The Sting  //  Shorts: River Island  //  Bag: Fuengirola  //  Boots: Hector Riccione  //  Belt: Zign

Yesterday we did some shopping and in the evening we took drinks. My friend didn't feel well so we had an easy night with a lot of talking. We will have a relaxing day, means no shopping all day long again haha. Tonight it's time to dance! Kisses from Barcelona



Top: River Island  //  Shorts: H&M  //  Heels: Zara  //  Bag: Madrid  //  Necklace: Sascha

I just arrived Barcelona. What an heavy travel  it was.  We had way too much luguage! So we had to pay and ofcourse it was not possible to pay by card to up to the other side of the airport to throw money. I'm looking forward to the next travel already back to Holland. Anyway we just ate our diner and now we are gonna relax and give our legs and feet some rest. Good night! xx



Top: Berskha  //  Shorts: River Island  //  Belt: Zign  //  Shoes: Marypaz  //  Anklet: Lolita  //  Bag: Madrid

Hi there! Yesterday night we went out in a beach club. It was so nice! We just have one night more here in Málaga, because tomorrow night we'll fly to Barcelona. Also today we went to Fuengirola to visit, we don't stop! It's a pity a lot of stores were closed because of a fiësta, but even now I found a cool leahter bag. I'll show you later all the pictures. xx