Look at my new snake heels. I loveee them! They are from Zara and Asos. xx



 Dress: John Zack  //  Heels: Zara  //  Bag: Aurobelle  //  Friendship Bracelet: Classic 77  //  Disc bracelet: Orelia

Good morning! It's bank holiday today in Holland and it is raining again, great! So what I gonna do, looking for the perfect place to leave soon again from this horrible weather! Above the third night in Barcelona. It seems like weeks ago already. Have a nice day baby! 



 Playsuit: Glamouros  //  Heels: Zara  //  Bag: Madrid  //  Arm cuff: Asos

Shoot me! I'm getting depressed here, rain, rain, rain. Aaghh! Anyway I have to work a lot, so I can't enjoy the weather anyway. Above my look from last friday. We went to a great club next to the boulevard, called Opium. Great night! Take me back please! Have a nice evening cuties. xx

Photography by Manon Kleijn


I showed already my best purchase of Barcelona on instagram, but I would love to tell you a little bit more about. This store we found in the same street where our hotel was. When I saw it, I felt in love. Amazing boots, handmade from Italy. Hector Riccione, an Argentinean craftman who started in the 70's, came to Europa and has different shops in Italy, Spain, Greece and Miami. You also can order them online at hector-riccione.com. The left ones above are mine ♡.



Dress: Oneness  //  Heels: Zara  //  Bag: Madrid  //  Friendship Bracelet: Classic 77 // Disc bracelet: Orelia

I slept so good last night, long time ago I made so many hours. Above oufit numero uno! It's always so painfull when you were your new heels the next day you see they are so dirty and damaged after a long night dancing. Shit happens! So It's time to organise everything now. Good luck on this Monday. xx



How much you can laugh in 3 days and nights? Unbelievable how amazing my weekend in Barcelona was. We didn't stop! Shopping, walking, laughing, beach, party, eating, dressing up, drinking, party, shopping, shopping, eating, laughing, terrace, dancing, yeah we forgot to sleep. Me and my friend are a perfect team. We 2 together can handle it all. It's a pity we are home again, but soon we are gonna make new travel plans. Above already some pics! I gonna rest a lot now, because the bags under my eyes are wayy too big! 

Lots of love,




Hi guys! Our first night was already great, time for some shopping now! I'll tell you later everything about it. Big kiss from Barcelona



The event yesterday was great! I've met nice people, designers, photgraphers, people with the passion for fasion lifestyle. I heard interesting stories about their labels and how they started. Very inspiring! The pictures are coming later. I'm going to a meeting in Amsterdam now. Above some sophisticated images



 Bikini: Asos  //  Top: New Look  //  Anklet: My Jewellery  //  Sandals: Asos

Psst, how are you? I'm fine, I just bumped my elbow very hard, loser! Tonight I'm going to the Fashion Seminar Week in Rotterdam. I'm going like representative of gnothingness.com so nice! I'll tell you later more about it. Have a nice day gorgeous readers 



Yeah, the temperatures are high so let's button up! Hair in knots and because laces are hot use them in swimwear, heels etc.
Because my life is so bad, I'm going to enjoy and shoot including the sun today. xx



 Top: Motel / / shorts: River Island / / Wedges: Stradivarius / / Bag: Aurobelle  

Finally it's summer here. Sun, drinks, music, magazines, I love it! Yesterday I was totally broken and went bed early, so I can work on my tan today full of energy! Kisses



Yess, it's weekend! Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow. But after it's time to enjoy. My plans are great and the weather is perfect! Here some insta feelings from last week. Next post will be an outfit, I promiss. Have a nice weekend 



Good morning! I told you yesterday I was busy with a project. It is my own webshop! I'll start with a selection of  lovely embroidered boho bags! You can find them HERE. At the moment the bags are in production, but in 3 weeks they will be available. If you are interested you always can contact me and I can keep one for you! I told you already about this kind of Boho/ Ibiza bags in my former posts. It's really a musthave for this summer. So please have a look and pick your favorite. Kisses



Some metal inspiration for you today. Shine bright and choose right! I am busy with a very nice project at the moment, I'll tell you later more about♥.



 Top: Miss Selfridge // Heels: Nelly.com // Jacket: KLASE // Pants: Berskha // Bag: Madrid 

Hey you! You know, Sunday was Mother's day. But because me and my brother were totally dead, we delayed our present. We gave it yesterday night. Tadaa it was a night out disco bowling! It was so funny. The first ball my dad threw was a strike! The competition was very exciting. In the beginning I really had to figure out how it was working (around 10 years ago I did for the last time), but later I used the heaviest balls without any effort HAHA! Boaster.  I'm not gonna show action pics, not charming! After the bowling we took some good cocktails to finish the night. xx



I'm looking for new decoration for my balcony and room. I gonna buy plants, feathers or an antler will be also very cool. I'll use my creativity! I gonna take a cactus anyway, so when I have annoying company I can use it. 



Dress: Asos // Boots: Buffalo // Bag: Madrid // Jacket: Lovers&Drifters // Bracelet: Las Dalias

What a heavy day it was. There was a little hangover present. Last night was great! We laughed so much, crazy night! First I was at a party at my friend's place and after we went out to a club. Is it already almost weekend again? I gonna make lasanga now, hungry all day! xx



Finally it's Saturday night! I have to hurry up, because they are expecting me. I have a party in Rotterdam and it's gonna be a longgg night. Have fun! xx



Top: Asos // Hat: Catarzi // Scarf: Asos // Jeans: Berskha // Boots: Superstar // Rings: mixed // Bracelet: Asos

Yoohoo, it's friday! I went to the supermarket and bought many food. We can survive the weekend and the rest of the week for sure. The weather is here so fucked up, so I brought the summer inside with a Corona. Pff, can't wait to go abroad again. Here my today's look. Hug!



Yes, I found him! I found the bag at an Ibiza webshop, Aurobelle.
I gonna earn the bag back now. Have a nice day!

Lots of love,