Top: na-kd  //  Shorts: Levi's  //  Heels: Arenalyut

I went to CafĂ© del Mar yesteday to have a drink with my babe. I have to say, It was good to see her, but I prefer to go to other different kind of parties. I'm too crazy for those kind of posh places. My roots are from a village, and those will never change I guess haha. 
But I like to dress up though. xx



 Top: Brandy Melville //  Jeans: Pull&Bear

Don't have much to tell you, the weekend still has to start, but I am completly dead. Just want to sleep haha. Enjoy yours. 



Dress: Ibiza  //  Boots: Hector Riccione

So my friend left again, and I gonna start the healthy life again. Less alcohol, more vitamins. I really can feel I am getting older. I have to recover for at least a week I think. The problem here in Barcelona is there are too many temptaions. Too many things to do in Summer. Okay, one of the reasons I live here as well. Above some pics from a time ago. Lots of love, Steph



Home is where the pants aren't and the bra isn't. I'm feeling so good at my new place. It's almost done now, I just need the last decoration stuff. Today, I'm going to the DGTL festival in Barcelona. I'm excited because I didn't go to any festival yet this season. Have a great weekend! xx



I was decorating my place all week, I love it! It's gonna be in the mexican style, many cactuses and colors combined with wood. My favorite stores here in Barcelona are Maison du monde, Natura and Home on earth. Yesterday my brother was here to visit me, he is on holidays close by Barcelona with his Girlfriend. Good to see him again. Have a great weekend you all.  



Dress: Na-kd  //  Shoes: Zara  //  Bag: River Island 

Wuaah, she left! But the good news is, she will come back! I need to recover now, a no alchohol diet for a week at least haha. Let's try. here my outfit from our last night out. Sorry for the shitty quality of the pics. Today I gonna decorate my new place and buy new stuff, I love it. Kisses



Here the pictures I promised one week ago. Sorry they are late, but I am so busy now with my friend here! Also I moved yesterday to another apartment, so a lot of stuff to do. My snapchat is always up to date ofcours. Really so good to see the next day what we all did that night before during a good night out. My partner in crime, never bored together! Have a great saturday night! Lots of love, Steph